Kaname Ariga Sensei Aikido seminar 2024

Organised by JuShinKan Aikido in cooperation with Sentrum Aikido, Sunyata Aikido dojos and supported by the Kampsportforbundet (Norwegian Martial Arts Federation), we are welcoming everyone to join us at Ariga Sensei Aikido seminar 2024, the sixth seminar in Norway of Kaname Ariga Sensei.

The teacher

Ariga Sensei is one of the closest Japanese deshi (students) of Endo Seishiro Shihan, figuring as his uke in many demonstrations and instructional DVDs. He started Aikido in 1989 at the age of 15, and now teaches at and runs the Saku Dojo in Japan. He also teaches international seminars in Finland, Spain, England, Austria, Slovakia, Italy and Germany.

Ariga Sensei teaches a simple, elegant, soft and contact-based, yet effective aikido style, and is a very friendly, generous and inspiring teacher.


  • Sentrum Aikido – Brinken 20, 0654 Oslo

Where to stay

For those who want to stay at our dojo, bring a sleeping bag, then you can relax at our beautiful dojo for free. We have kitchen and bathroom. A grocery store is located right above the dojo. You can buy and cook yourself if you need warm food. Just make sure to register with the form below, so we can arrange it.

For hostels, there are several options:

  • Hostel, with breakfast and free parking: Haraldheimen (15 mn by car, 30 mn by tram/bus)
    (prices pr night, include breakfast and free parking –
    2 prices: common facilities / in room toilet/shower)
    • double (bunkbeds): 1025/1075 NOK or triple 1355/1495 NOK
    • family (2 x bunkbeds, sleeps 4) : 1810/1990 NOK.
    • bed in male or female dorminotry : 405 NOK
  • Convenient, but pricey: City Appartments: next door to dojo: price example (2024 prices) for 2 nights, cancellable/refundable, no breakfast):
    • double/twin room: 2468 NOK, or triple 3418 with kitchenette NOK
    • 4-bed apartment: unavailable
    • 2-bedroom apartment for 4 people: unavailable
  • you can find cheap(er) downtown hotels or hostels, airBnB’s, search location Tøyen.

Public transport

  • The closest subway station is Tøyen (all lines).
  • The closest bus station is Brinken (bus nr. 60) and Kjølbergata (bus nr. 20).

NB: Beware of parking situation, no allotted parking spaces for our club.

For travellers, please read the detailed post here with many useful information about traveling and where to stay in Oslo.

Training schedules

  • Friday, May 31th: 19:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday, June 1st: 11:00 – 13:00 and 15:30 – 17:30
  • Sunday, June 2nd: 11:00 – 13:00

Party in the Saturday evening, after training, will be announced.


  • 800 NOK for the whole seminar.
  • 500 students, unemployed, youth under 26 (rebate applies to full seminar only).
  • 275 NOK / single class.

Payment methods:

  • Vipps: to 98250628  – we love it!  (Norwegian bank account holders only)
  • Domestic bank transfer to JuShinKan Aikido account nr: 9680 36 20544
  • International Bank transfer:
    • IBAN: NO9196803620544
    • NB: state whom the payment is for in the comment field!
    • if you have problems to transfer 800 kr in NOK, please transfer EUR 75 for the full seminar (the amounts include bank fees on our side) – or easier: bring cash (NOK or EUR are OK).
  • Credit card payment will be NOT be accepted, sorry!
  • Paypal / Wise (in NOK please) to aikimama@gmail.com


  • Please Pre-register and Pre-pay – and note that you still have to Sign-in at the seminar and show proof of payment (printout or screenshot on your phone are ok)

For more information please contact host by Facebook, or Jacqueline:

We look forwards to seeing you in Oslo!

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